Monthly Archives: February 2015

Removing the 'CHF peg' was the right decision! Is it?

These are the words from the SNB’s Jordan after they removed the 1.20 eur/chf peg, when Swiss franc causes panic on global markets. But, 15 days latter he is not that conviced in that decision. Talking on the SRF yesterday, head of the SNB Thomas Jordan said, that they are ‘observing’ the exchange rate situation, but he mentioned for several

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Almost 6,000 views in January!

After 3,516 views in November (my first month) and 3,037 views in December, 2015. began with double the interest in my blog analysis/articles, with 5,976 views. The most viewed site was home page and the most viewed article in January was ‘My target for 2015., to make $1 million profit at FX!’. Second most viewed was ‘About me’ and third, ‘I

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