Monthly Archives: December 2014

Crude oil 'WTI' is heading to the last support before abyss!

If we remember 2008. and WTI free fall from 147 to 35 usd from July until December, everything is possible here. Last technical strong support ‘station’ at 58/60 is waiting and after that level, there is no stronger support before 33/35. Usualy I don’t analyse WTI, but watching at this fall it’s start to be interesting. There is a lot

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GBP/USD can't recover and stuck at 1.5700/800 on the way up!

USD strenght over the past few months broke several important support levels here and for the past 5 weeks the pound can’t recover more then 1.5700/800. You can see at this weekly chart why. USD return more then 61.8% loss of the July 2013.—> July 2014. pound rally and that level has become a strong weekly resistance point for the pound. This

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Gold bulls have a lot of work on the way up!

As I already mentioned in my previous analysis, gold hit 50% fibo return from the July 10. –> November 07. fall and daily MA100 at 1237/38. There is strong weekly down trendline as well, near 1250 and resistance/previous support at 1255, following 61.8 fibo at 1265. Gold is looking bullish, but this levels betewen 1237 and 1265 are the real test for the

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