Monthly Archives: November 2014

EUR/USD boosted after US GDP!

First reaction on better then expected data was decline to 1.2390 and then reverse reaction after wich EUR/USD broke the previous resitance at 1.2450/60. In my yestreday EUR/USD analysis I draw this possible scenario, stop at 1.2450/60, back and posible rebund from the level 1.2395! For now, the pair stoped at 23.6 fibo return from the October 15. November 07. fall. This level was

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The first 30 days of my blog

I wrote 36 articles/analysis and I already have 3046 views and 1037 unique visitors from all over the World. For the start I can’t be happier and I must say, that I didn’t expect such an interest. Most of the visitors, aprox 67% are coming from my country, Croatia, which is normal and that is not surprise, then comes Lithuania, United States and

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