When I do my analysis, I always remember this qoute!


Most of the technical analysts and traders are trying to be ‘to much’ professional, using to many indicators and technical factors in their analysis, but that’s not my way. In my analysis and setup’s I am using only the most important ones, and that’s my advice for any trader. Do not complicate in trading, just try to find the best and easiest way for you, how to do the profitable trades simple as you can. To much of everything will just complicate your decision!



  • I’ve read this article in FT https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?hl=es&q=cache:iIGg7h1H6OUJ:http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/455106a0-9fe3-11e3-9c65-00144feab7de.html
    , so I believe Dealing desk (Market maker) accounts with leverage above 1:100 are the main culprits to watch and hope that ECN accounts are not order routing manipulated.


  • Can anyone here would be so kind to explain how should someone be aware of a fact, is he placed in A book (broker hedges our positions and make money on a volume) or B book ( where the broker makes the opposite bet to the trader) by the broker and overall how critical is this to be profitable? Does it depends on an amount of initial deposit, chosen leverage at the begining or it depends what kind of a trader day trader-swing, successfull or we are losing money and the broker shift us in different brackets as a times go by.


    • You are talking about Dealing desk and ECN/STP brokers, wright?


  • Deeper insight in the retail trading world, 2014

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    • That’s nice, tnx for share-ing.


  • At the begining we are drawing Picasso style charts and understand almost 0Zero0, after 10.000 hours of dedicated work it’s almost white canvas with little black dot in the middle and we are thinking all that matters is comprehensible. After that stage i think we should find one good successfull FX mentor to grow further.

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